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April 2022 Tarot Forecast - Macaroon Edition

Updated: Apr 4

Let your intuition (or fav flavours) guide you to your tarot forecast for April.

Which macaroon flavour are you most pulled to?

Are you ready??

Here is the reveal!

Scroll down to your chosen flavour for your forecast.

Mango - Ten of Swords reversed

A cycle of events is coming to an end. It probably feels difficult now and very uncomfortable, but this is the month when you’ll start moving on from that situation. This is a card of hurt, loss, and endings. But in reverse, it is passing, like you’re going to be ready to turn the page and start a new chapter. You may not know how just yet. This is the month to take any steps you need to look after yourself, heal, and recover. Remember, whatever ends or comes to a close, it is meant to be. When you can release your attachment to things turning out differently, you’ll see the opportunities and not the loss.

Creme Brulee - Justice reversed

Something is going to feel unfair this month to you. A decision may come your way that feels unfair to you, or someone may be taking advantage of you. If you can, speak up and make your feelings known because how it is unfair to you may not be understood by the offending party. But if you can’t, and there are many situations where that might be the case, learn from this and do the best you can to protect yourself moving forward. Know that even if it feels unfair now, the Justice card is a reminder that eventually things will balance out. Whatever is taken from you now will be made right by the karmic laws of the Universe.

Creamy Chocolate - The Tower reversed

Oooooo! A shake-up is coming your way. In reverse, it tells me that you probably know in your gut what is going to happen, because you’ve known for a while that something is not right. Maybe you didn’t know what to do about it or are not ready to face it, but the Universe is now stepping in to remove it for you. It is not going to be easy, but know that it is for the better. The Tower reversed can also mean the shakeup is not as bad as you think. It will feel disruptive, but it is something you can weather through. Don’t fight the change that is coming your way, be kind to yourself this month. Remember, the Universe is shaking you up to make way for better things.

Earl Grey - The Sun reversed

Just good things are coming your way this month! It may not be evident this month, but the Universe is gearing up and loading a truck of good vibes ready to be delivered to you. You may not feel like things are unicorn and sunshine just yet, and there may be still some ways to go between where you are now and the realization of your goals or ambitions, but you’re on track. You may not see how close you are to that great outcome, keep trekking along. The Sun reversed is like a cloudy day - the joys and happiness you’re looking for are there, but sometimes it is just blocked by the clouds. Don’t let the clouds fool you into thinking the Sun is gone.

Strawberry - Four of Pentacles

Some number crunching will be happening this month. You may be feeling like you need to get your finances in order and in control so you feel like all your basis is covered. The good news is that when you go through that process, you may find some unexpected windfall or other savings that are going to feel great. This can be just looking at your budget and spending closely, or for many, it is the month to get your stuff together for filing taxes. You may fund unexpected savings or other investment opportunities that will help you build a stronger financial foundation. Don’t delay, this is the month to get those things in order!

Red Velvet - Two of Cups

Some new partnerships will be kicking up this month!! A friendship or a relationship will deepen during this time, growing your connection, mutual respect, and understanding. While this card is often about romantic relationships, especially for new loves or that rekindled puppy love kind of feelings (oh so fun), it can refer to other relationships as well. You may find a colleague you’re really vibing with on a new project, or a business partner that you feel truly complements your skills, bringing greater harmony and balance to your endeavour. Enjoy this creative time and see what these partnerships will bring!

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