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August 2022 Tarot Forecast - Summer Drinks Edition

Pick your fav summer drink for your special August tarot forecast.

Which summer drink calls to you?


Let's reveal!

Tequila! – Ten of Swords reversed

Hurtful events are going to come and pass this month. You may have felt something’s been brewing in the last month already and this is the month that will hit the dramatic crescendo and then recede as a passing event. This is a call for you to learn from these experiences as you emerge from a difficult situation, but also to not dwell on them. Take in the lessons, and move forward a little smart and a little wiser.

Watermelon Negroni – Nine of Pentacles reversed

1 oz Campari

1 oz sweet vermouth

3 oz of watermelon juice (or slushie)

Fresh mint & lime for garnish

This card is about material success and contentment. Living comfortably and feeling like you’ve “arrived” in whatever sense that is meaningful to you. But in reverse, there’s something amiss here. Maybe you have the material success but do not feel happy or cannot enjoy it. Maybe you’re well off but still striving for more and you’re not even sure why. You’ll feel an incongruence between your material life and your inner happiness this month, something there is not jiving and you’ll need to do some deep digging as to what might be going on.

Champagne – Page of Wands

Champagne seems so appropriate for this card. It is the drink of celebration and good news and that’s what the Page of Wands this month will bring to you. Cheers! If you are looking for a new role or new opportunity, this is the month you’ll be called for interviews or even offers! Good news can be from any area of your life, but they will all be an indication of a change or a new start of some form.

Moscato Rosé – Two of Pentacles reversed

You’ve got a lot of balls in the air these days and this month it’s really going to hit you. This can be just having a lot of responsibilities that are starting to become hard to manage, or you just feel like you don’t have enough time in the day and neglect important areas of your life here and there. It’s time to call for help. It’s time to reassess what you’ve got going on and how to lighten the load. You won’t be able to keep it all going on for much longer if you don’t get some help.

Spicy Margarita – Six of Swords reversed

2 oz Blanco tequila

¾ oz of elderflower syrup (or any syrup)

¾ oz of lime juice

1-2 slices of jalapeno

You’re hitting a time of transition this month and it’s going to be hard for you. You know it is in your best interest to let something go, move on, forgive, and let the past be the past. But somehow you’re still emotionally attached. This can be to a situation, someone, or just how things were. Holding onto the past, or what could’ve been or should’ve is not going to serve you. But you need to let go now and move on.

Strawberry Thyme Spritz – Page of Pentacles reversed

1.5 oz gin

1 oz lime juice

3 strawberries smashed or 0.75 oz strawberry syrup

Stick of thyme

Tbs of sugar (if not using syrup)

Sparkling water/soda

Take a step back and get in touch with your goals. This page in reverse is about setbacks, but not necessarily setbacks that come from external forces. This is about you – maybe you’re charging ahead with a goal but you don’t have a well-thought-out plan. Or you have big ambitions but you’re too busy enjoying the summer pleasures and not dedicating your time and efforts to bring them to life. Or you are going at things too hard and sometimes it is better to take a break and reassess and recharge. Your approach to your goal is misaligned with reality right now in some way, this month will hit you with experience to show you why.

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