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June 2022 Tarot Forecast - Jujube Edition

Pick your Jujube flavour of choice for June for your special tarot forecast.

Which gummie flavour or shape calls to you?


Let's reveal!

Peachy – Five of Cups

There’s a sense of mourning this month, a sense of regret. It could be a missed opportunity or a disappointment with something you’ve invested a lot of your heart into. There’s wondering about what you could’ve done differently, or what might happen if this or that changed. It’s necessary to reflect, but right now, you need to sit with those feelings and accept what has happened. The good news with the Five of Cups is that not all is lost, and it is more like act two of a play, where the obstacle or disappointment comes, but you will find that it is leading you to a better ending in act three.

Blueberry – Ace of Pentacles

Exciting opportunities are coming your way!! You may have a side hustle idea spark this month, or some positive news that will lead to growth and success. Because this is a pentacles card, it is likely about something finance or work-related, anything that is generating you more money. The important thing about Aces is that they are seeds that are just sprouting. Whatever it is that comes your way this month that shows positive potential will require your effort and energy to nurture into reality.

Watermelon – The World reverse

An end is coming your way, but there’s some block or resistance to it. The World when upright is like a karmic conclusion to a chapter of your life and you’re moving on to something new. Here in reverse, it is hinting you may not be ready for that change and you’ll feel some resistance in the form of fear or worry. Push through, because you really don’t have a choice. The Universe is delivering you to the next chapter of your life. Try to embrace it and know that the Universe has your back.

Cherry – Eight of Wands

Woooo! This is like driving in a convertible with the top down on a beautiful day. This card is all about the speed of things happening around you. You’ll find cosmic alignments that will help knock things down your to-do list faster than you imagined, or delays cleared up like a freshly unclogged drain. Ride this current this month and just enjoy it.

You may even want to do a little air travel as well for a trip! This card is also about swift travels (especially those in the air).

Worms – Seven of Wands reversed

You may find yourself in a position of having to defend yourself in some way that threatens your position or character. This card in reverse tells me that you may not feel as confident as you need to or might be standing on shaky ground. It is up to you to determine if this is a situation where you may need to concede and humble yourself because maybe you are wrong (or did not have all the necessary information), or you need to revisit your stance/decision/action on something and make sure you can speak for yourself. This could be a situation where someone challenges you to try to take advantage in some way – so do your homework and be diligent.

This is a mini-test on how you handle adversity.

Raspberries - The Hermit reversed

Now, the Hermit reversed can mean two things. It can be that you feel like you want to hide away from the world and just hate people this month. That’s ok, especially if you are an introvert. There are times when we just need to be grouchy, hate people, and be in our own garbage-can home and eat chips (just like Oscar the Grouch). If you need that this month, do it, and feed your inner Oscar. But the second meaning here can be that you are feeling lonely and that you’ve spent too much time alone. This doesn’t mean you should go out and just party like it’s 1999, but call friends, hang out with some people, whatever you’re comfortable with so you reestablish some contact with people. Great conversations and time with great friends can feed the soul too.

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