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May 2022 Tarot Forecast - Star Wars Edition

Let the Force guide you to your tarot forecast for May.

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Obi Wan Kenobi - Four of Cups reversed

Even with spring in the air, you might find yourself blasé about life this month. We all have periods when things just feel blah and need a break to recharge. However, the Four of Cups in reverse says this phase may be lasting longer than it should and it is no longer productive. No one but you can pull you out of this funk. It might be hard to do at first, but motivation is not about doing things when things feel right, it is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t. Seek meaning and purpose and not passion.

Darth Vader - Five of Cups reversed

Some past hurts are still lingering and you’ll struggle to move past them this month. You may have invested a lot of yourself in something and it didn’t pan out, or you feel like you missed an opportunity. It is fine to mourn those losses, but lingering in ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ will not do you any good. It is time to find that silver lining or what you can do now to move forward. Even if it is hard to do right now, don’t let what could’ve been holding you back. Look at where you can put your energy now to create the next opportunity.

Rey - Seven of Cups

The world is your oyster! Or at least it feels like it this month. Possibilities and new ideas will be swimming in your head and it feels great. This is the wish card - so it can represent actual options available to you and/or options you see in your mind for yourself. Be careful that these possibilities or options you see are not just wishful thinking or are way too high in the sky. Temper yourself a bit and properly think through them in a grounded way, otherwise, you risk disappointing yourself or going with an option that might have hidden problems.

Stormtrooper - Ten of Cups reversed

Things feel fine and alright this month, but you’ll find that something will irk you. Ten of Cups upright generally is the “all is good” card, but when it is in reverse, it is as if everything seems fine, but there may be some underlying issues that are creeping up this month that will bother you and more. If you know what it is, bring it up or address it. If you don’t it is likely going to brew into a bigger problem. If you are not sure as the month progress, just keep an eye out and see when you might be ignoring some flags or gut warnings. Deal with it quickly so it doesn’t stick around like a pesky stormtrooper.

Yoda - Ten of Swords reversed

This is a card of caution. You’re nearing the end of an endeavour but what did you have to do to achieve the success you wanted? This card is a caution against the idea that “the ends justify the means”. If you are nearing the finish line and you’re takings shortcuts or maybe less than honest means, you may win or have success soon, but it will be short-lived. This may not be something you instigate yourself but maybe you get roped into something unexpected. Be cautious of the motives and means of these people bringing you into the fold - it may not be as good as it seems.

Darth Maul - Nine of Swords

Swirling thoughts of bad scenarios and worries are swimming in your head, and it is going to bring you down if you don’t keep them in check this month. This is the card of feeling burdened, anxious and fearful. But the interesting thing here is that a lot of it is in your head. Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t deal with challenges and just think positive, but playing all the worse case scenarios and running through all the what-ifs again and again won’t serve you either. This month is calling you to be smart about how you approach the challenges you’re facing and don’t let your monkey mind take you down a path mentally that is not productive and probably causes you more stress. That is so not what you need right now. Keep those spiraling thoughts in check, but also be realistic.

Got more Qs about your month ahead? Let's do ask the tarot.

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